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              ABOUT US    
              Adhering to"Abide by honor,Operate by faith",Guanhua people will persist the concept of "win-win with our customers, win-win with our partners,win-win with our staff'to continuously polymerize the elite forces and integrate the industry resources, to proceed the leadership in the fields of broadcasting and television digital network new media system integration solutions.
              Abide by honor and operate with integrity
              Guanhua Glory AV System Integration Co.,Ltd.(abbr.as GHG hereinafter) was founded in 1997 and is committed in providing quality services to  broadcasting and television industry in China.


              Because of attitude, choose us

              Studio-OB Van-Control

              Integrating the great achievements of technology, creating a wonderful system

              Digital Media Webcast

              Practice non-traditional, lead the TV trend

              Reparation and Maintenance

              Provide you with Sony-quality repair services